Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions every day, here are the most frequent of them.

Do you have stores in France or elsewhere?

We are an online store only, we do not have a physical store. We do not cover events either because our activity is entirely based in Tokyo.

Can we become a partner of Candysan?

Yes with pleasure. Contact us to discuss. However, as we have a lot of requests, we only retain youtubers / bloggers who have a great influence.

How do you know the composition of the products you sell?

We translate the composition of some of our products.
When this is the case, the most comprehensive nutritional label possible is available for information only in the product description sheet.

For untranslated articles, the ingredients are indicated exclusively in Japanese on the product packaging. If you suffer from an allergy, use the same rules of caution and common sense that you apply when traveling to a country whose language you do not know. If in doubt, do not place an order.

How soon will my order arrive?

Candysan packages are shipped via DHL. Transport takes between 3 days and a week. Also count the preparation time for your order, which can vary from 24 hours to several days.

Can you give me the parcel number?

All the information concerning the follow-up of your order is visible from your customer page and is also sent to you by e-mail.

My order was returned to Japan. Why ?

If your order was returned to Japan, this usually happens because the carrier can't find your address and can't contact you, or because your package was put on hold for too long after being missed during delivery.

We can send your order back to you once it returns to Japan. You may have to pay the shipping costs a second time for shipping, depending on the reason for the return. 

Some numbers :

- just under 1% of the packages we ship are returned to Japan. Out of 10 parcels that return to Japan, about 7 bear the mention "unclaimed" (generally a problem with the delivery notice from the carrier), 2 return with the mention "Does not live at the address indicated" or "Address unknown or not found", the last one is returned for a different or unspecified cause.

- about 1 package in a thousand disappears during transport. 

What is Candysan Insurance?

Candysan insurance covers delivery issues on all packages.

If an order does not arrive at its destination or is returned to Japan in whole or in part, we will send it back at our expense and replace the products damaged during transport as well as those with an expiry date that is too close.

Candysan insurance works in all cases when a package is lost or returned to Japan due to a delivery problem, regardless of the reason for return. Examples: unclaimed package, incomplete address, address not found, wrong direction…

The insurance does not apply if the customer voluntarily refuses a package, for whatever reason, unless the package is damaged.

A package is considered lost if it has not arrived at its destination or returned to Japan 30 days (1 month) after shipment by DHL. After this period, any complaint must be made within 30 days (1 month), the order can then be sent again or refunded in the form of a credit note. Once the claim period has passed, no claim for compensation can be accepted.